16 Nov

Abarth at the “2017 Dubai International Motorshow”

  • Official launch of the prestigious Italian brand in the Middle East.
  • Performance, technology and iconic Italian style are the key factors behind the Scorpion Brand’s continuous expansion at the global level.
  • Abarth 695 Rivale: the special series that brings together two Italian brands with a shared excellence in technology, innovation, attention to every detail and outstanding performances.
  • Abarth 124 spider: an adrenaline-charged car developed with Squadra Corse Abarth, delivering the bold dynamics and driving joy of a true roadster.
  • Abarth 595: the natural heir of the car launched in 2008 that has conquered the world. The racing soul of the brand with the Scorpion badge – which is the founding element of its history and its current substance – still attracts thousands of fans worldwide in many exciting motorsport events.

Implementing its policy of promoting continual brand growth on a global level, Abarth is attending the 2017 Dubai Motorshow with three models – Abarth 695 Rivale Cabrio, Abarth 124 spider and Abarth 595 Competizione – to represent the range of the brand with the Scorpion badge which is being officially launched in the Middle East and North Africa. It is an important moment for the prestigious Italian brand which boasts a long and glorious racing and rally history and a further step forward in the Abarth expansion strategy with a sole mission: to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary by offering the best products in the compact sports car segment.
The three attractive cars on show are an invitation for the middle eastern public to learn more about the values of the brand based on top performance, craftsmanship and continual technical upgrade. These three values guide the work of the Abarth designers, engineers and technicians who create the compact supercars with the Scorpion badge engaged every day on the road and on the racing track.
The same enthusiasm fires the many fans worldwide who share the ideology as founder Karl Abarth and follow the many motorsports appointments in which Abarth racing cars star. Not by chance, races are a key element of the history and current substance of the Italian brand, as demonstrated by the tried and tested Abarth 695 Assetto Corse Evoluzione and Abarth 595 OT (Omologata Turismo), not to mention the Abarth 124 rally, which debuted this season, and the Formula 4 cars which are also competing in the United Arab Emirates Championship and are equipped with the 1.4 Turbo t-Jet engine derived from the one used on Abarth street-legal and race cars.


Abarth 695 Rivale

Two Italian brands with a shared excellence in technology, innovation, attention to every detail and outstanding performances have come together to create Abarth 695 Rivale, the special series conceived in partnership with Riva. This historic, world-famous yacht builder, famed for its Italian elegance and style, has helped to create the most refined Abarth ever.
Available in a limited edition in sedan and convertible version, the Abarth 695 Rivale can be recognised by its exclusive livery: two-tone paintwork in Riva Evening Blue and Shark Grey, with the delightful touch of two aquamarine stripes running around the waistrail, similar to the “beauty line” that appears on yachts. The satin chrome finish on the door handles, the “695 Rivale” signature on the tailgate and rear wings, and the satin chrome moulding on the tailgate that recalls the sophisticated forms of a yacht, all make this model even more unmistakable, thanks to the stylistic affinity with the side view of the new Riva yachts.
All this glamour goes hand-in-hand with the usual striving for the best performances through the constant technical upgrading found in every Abarth car: under the bonnet of the 695 Rivale lurks a 1368 cc engine providing a maximum power of 180 HP and a torque of 250 Nm. The 695 Rivale’s weight-power ratio is worthy of a real supercar (5.8 kg/HP with a weight of 1045 kg) and the performance is stunning: top speed of 225 km/h and just 6.7 sec. (6.9 sec. with robotised sequential transmission) to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. In other words, a car that will delight the most discerning customers, in search of elegance, sophistication and performance.
The underlying aim of the 695 Rivale is to surpass Abarth’s traditional values by embracing the unique allure of Riva, to satisfy the demand for thrilling performances combined with luxury-class elegance and refinement. Its style is inspired by the brand new open Riva “56 Rivale”, one of the most elegant, fastest yachts the Sarnico yard has ever built. These features are strongly present in the 695 Rivale, which also borrows some typical Riva design features to underline its emphasis on elegance and personality. In fact, the yacht and the car share some design characteristics such as the distinctive Riva grey colour and satin chrome mouldings.
Inside, carbon fibre sill, dark blue leather seats and door panels, black mats with blue inserts and dashboard in carbon fibre or mahogany, an optional variant that gives the car an even more nautical touch. Wood – the most natural of materials – meets state-of-the-art technology for a result of absolute excellence, just like on Riva yachts: the perfect combination of ultimate technology and expert craftsmanship. The mahogany variant embraces the Riva philosophy even more profoundly: a well as the dashboard fascia, it includes a special blue and black leather steering wheel with mahogany hub, blue leather instrument panel cladding and mahogany gear knob and sill.
The technical contents are also superlative: the UconnectTM infotainment system with 7″ HD touch screen, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, is standard equipment. Every car is complete with a hand-mounted numbered plaque which can also be customised, on request, with the name of the owner’s yacht: an original way of making the new Abarth 695 Rivale a high-performance land tender. Last but not least, the Abarth character is clearly visible in the Akrapović exhaust with carbon tips, the Brembo brakes with black 4-piston fixed calipers at the front, the 17″ Supersport alloy wheels with special gloss grey finish, and the Abarth by Koni suspension system with FSD (Frequency-Selective Damping).
Its unique characteristics make Abarth 695 Rivale an instant classic – absolutely worthy of a place on the elite Abarth Register, which only includes the most exclusive cars with technical or historic features that classify them as “collectors’ items”.


Abarth 124 spider

Exclusive automotive expression of the Italian lifestyle, the new Abarth 124 spider is an adrenaline-fuelled, unconventional car destined to become an icon of driving satisfaction and sure to excite everyone who gets behind the wheel. Derived from the best roadster platform, the most successful in automotive history, the new Abarth 124 spider has been further developed by Squadra Corse Abarth to guarantee the bold dynamics and driving joy of a true roadster. Proof of its technical excellence focused on handling quality is the mechanical self-locking differential supplied as standard. This device is typically found in top-of-the-range sports cars and emphasises the personality of the new Abarth 124 spider. The weight is concentrated between the axles and the engine is installed behind the front axle to guarantee optimal agility and superior driving feel. Sophisticated mechanics and special materials have been used to contain the weight to just 1060 kilograms. This results in a weight-to-power ratio of 6.2 kg/HP, the best in its category. Furthermore, the optimal weight distribution guarantees sincere and exalting response.
A powerful, ultra-reliable 1.4 litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine with MultiAir technology throbs under the bonnet. It delivers 170 HP (about 124 HP per litre) and 250 Nm of torque: it has a top speed of 229 km/h and goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds paired with a six-speed Esseesse Sports Sequential automatic transmission. What is more, since the engine sound is a fundamental element of all Abarth cars, standard equipment includes Record Monza exhaust with Dual Mode system capable of modifying the path of the exhaust gas according to pressure, guaranteeing linear torque and power delivery and generating a satisfying, deep roar at the same time. The suspension of the Abarth 124 spider features high double wishbone suspension on the front and a five-arm multi-link on the rear. The set-up is calibrated specifically to increase stability on corners and enhance compression braking. Steering feedback is optimised by adopting a specific sports calibration of the power steering system.
Furthermore, the new Abarth 124 spider is decked out with a host of state-of-the-art active and passive safety devices. In addition to ABS, standard equipment includes EBD, for adjusting front and rear axle brake force distribution to optimise braking distances and guarantee control in all load conditions of the car. Of course, also standard is ESC, for optimal control in all driving conditions, particularly the most critical. All these devices can be set to two levels or completely deactivated for driving on the race track allowing the driver to exploit the outstanding balancing and dynamic features of Abarth 124 spider to the fullest and enjoy an unadulterated and direct driving feeling.
The Abarth DNA is confirmed on both models also on the inside with an overall focus aimed at guaranteeing perfect ergonomics. Leather seats are supporting and very comfortable at the same time to keep the driver in the ideal position as low and retracted as possible to be able to perceive all side movements of the car. Furthermore, the controls are perfectly in keeping with the sporty set-up of the car: the position of the pedal board, the vertical steering wheel and the short gear stick make for a fully enthralling driving experience. The dashboard features a large tachometer with red background arranged in central position facing the driver and a keyless start system.
Comfort is guaranteed by leather seats (as standard) and the excellent soundproofing afforded by the noise deadening windscreen, rear window and double-layer top. The latter is designed to be opened and closed with one hand from the driver’s seat in a few seconds. Once folded behind the seats it does not occupy space in the boot.
Both cars on show are equipped with the Sound Plus Pack, which includes radio 7″ touchscreen and a sophisticated Bose audio system with subwoofer and eight speakers, two of which integrated in the head restraints for a perfect listening experience. The Visibility Plus Pack, instead, features full LED automatic self-levelling headlights, LED daytime running lights, rain sensor, dust sensor, headlight washer and rear parking sensors.
Finally, the colour range includes the pastel “Turini 1975 White” and “Costa Brava 1972 Red” shades, together with the metallic “San Marino 1972 Black”, “Hessen 1972 Blue”, and “Eastern Alps 1974 Grey” colours – all names chosen to pay tribute to the Brand’s prestige successes in the rallying world.


Abarth 595

On sale in the EMEA area since last year, the new Abarth 595 range embodies the evolution of this iconic model: more powerful engines, even higher-performing standard features and many product novelties, some currently reserved only for up-market vehicles.
Available in the saloon or convertible version, the New 595 Abarth range comes in three trim levels (595, 595 Turismo and 595 Competizione) and just as many engine power and tuning levels that satisfy today’s increasingly demanding and competent customers. Many of the upgrades introduced are the result of experience gained with the development of the 695 Biposto, the “smallest supercar”, a street-legal model which offers the excitement and technology of a real racing car.
Distinctive yet affordable, the 595 version is Abarth’s entry-level car: it offers all the standard equipment needed to ensure the driving pleasure typical of the Scorpion brand’s creations. The 595 makes the ideal base for those who want to fine-tune their car’s components over time, to make it unique. The 595 Competizione and the 595 Turismo express two further aspects of Abarth’s identity. The former, more “radical”, is designed for those with a passion for performance and uncompromising sportiness. The latter is based on the typical values of Italian GTs, but in a compact format designed for urban use.
One of the biggest innovations is the increased power of the 1.4 T-jet engine installed on the 595 and 595 Turismo versions. The first can now count on 145 HP and 206 Nm of peak torque, while the second delivers 165 HP and 230 Nm. What’s more, the 595 Turismo is now equipped with the Garrett GT1446 turbocharger. The 595 Competizione, with its 180 HP, is the ideal car for adrenaline junkies looking for racing performance and technical features. With the “Abarth Corsa by Sabelt” supportive shell seats, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7″ and braking safely with the oversize Brembo system and four-piston aluminium fixed calipers will be a pleasure.
With the high-performance Record Monza exhaust and dual mode system, the engine achieves a specific power of 132 HP/litre. The exclusive content is available, on request, on the rest of the range, together with the Record Modena exhaust ensuring identical performances combined with a specific tailpipe. As standard, all the 1.4 T-jet versions are coupled with a mechanical 5-speed gearbox, but the Abarth robotised sequential gearbox with steering wheel paddles is also available on request.
The Abarth 595 is also the only car in its segment with a mechanical limited-slip differential (Abarth D.A.M.), an exclusive performance feature derived directly from the experience gained with the 695 Biposto. Specifically, the mechanical limited-slip differential ensures adequate torque transfer across the front wheels when one has less grip (a typical example is cornering and coming out of a curve with a high lateral load).
To conclude, key features of the car’s interior include Corsa by Sabelt seats, some of the most supportive on the market today, with a high degree of lateral containment; the use of technical materials such as Alcantara and carbon fibre to underline the model’s sporty personality; and the 5″ or 7″ UconnectTM Live system, with presetting for Apple CarPlay and compatible with Android AutoTM, not to mention integral navigator and Abarth Telemetry. Also available is the high-quality, powerful BeatsAudio sound system with total power of 480 Watt and 8-channel digital amplifier.



Competitions are an essential element in the history and actuality of Abarth. The range of race cars consists of various models, spanning from the tried and tested Abarth 695 Assetto Corse Evoluzione and Abarth 595 OT (Omologata Turismo) to the T-Jet engines of the Formula 4 cars and the new Abarth 124 rally, which debuted in this season.
Special single-make championships are organised for each model to allow a high number of drivers to prove their mettle in motorsports.
The first edition of the Abarth 124 rally Selenia Trophy was staged in 2017, joining the ninth track racing season of the Abarth Selenia Trophy, with the Abarth 695 Assetto Corse Evoluzione and the Abarth 595 OT, and the Coppa Abarth Classiche, for vintage Abarth models competing in rallies. Abarth supplies 160 HP T-Jet engines for the Formula 4 single-seaters competing in championships in Italy, Germany, Northern Europe and Iberia, in addition to the United Arab Emirates. The season is action-packed and will involve all classic motorsport areas, with a clear technological reference to standard production. The entire range has a racing version to underscore the close link between the racing experience and the development of standard vehicles.
With the Abarth 124 rally Trophy, the brand with the Scorpion badge is organising a strongly innovative proportional trophy with a car that is highly innovative in itself. The Abarth 124 rally breaks the mould by combining excitement and technology: rear-wheel drive guarantees the spectacle, while the very high-level performance is the result of painstaking development, as recently demonstrated in the first race at the Monte Carlo Rally which was held in extremely difficult conditions with lots of ice and snow on the roads. The situation was positively not favourable for rear-wheel drive but still did not hold back the three private drivers who obtained excellent results.
The car is a Group R-GT model and therefore can compete in national and international races. The Abarth 124 rally Trophy counts seven rallies, six of which are part of the Italian Championship. In this way, drivers taking part in the Trophy can also compete for the Italian title in the R-GT category, like young Fabrizio Andolfi Jr, who won the single-make championship and the R-GT Italian championship.
The Under 23 winner Andea Modanesi will be given the opportunity to compete in the 2017 Monza Rally with the official Abarth 124 Rally.
By organising the Trophy directly, Abarth offers an array of services to facilitate team work of those who sign up: a spare parts service with technicians to provide assistance during the race will be present on the race circuits. A hospitality area with catering and entertainment dedicated to crews and teams will also be organised. Media visibility will be high, with a dedicated press and TV office in addition to activities on the most popular social media.
For more information on the Abarth 124 rally Trophy, go to the racing.abarth.com website or email the Abarth Racing Team at [email protected]
The Abarth 124 rally is the true strength of the championship. It is a real sports car, set up and tuned directly by Abarth and sold race-ready for 140.000 Euro.
The key elements of the car were clearly set in the development brief:

  • make it light with perfect weight distribution
  • give it a powerful, reliable and high-performing engine
  • make it lightning fast cornering with no understeering
  • ensure outstanding traction in all conditions
  • give it the fun of rear-wheel drive combined with state-of-the-art technology
  • make it easy to manage for team and technicians and keep running costs low.

The car fits a 1800 cm3 twin cam turbo direct injection engine. By exploiting a range of selectable mappings, it can output up to 300 HP at 6500 rpm with optimum torque curve, a key element to ensure balanced steering and acceleration when oversteering. Performance is breath-taking, acceleration is scorching and enhanced by a full, satisfying sound. To enhance performance even further, the engine is coupled to a snappy six-speed sequential transmission with shift paddles, while traction is assured by the mechanical self-locking differential.
Rallies put the cars under extreme stress and that is why the excellent mechanical layout of the standard production car has been developed further. The suspension system – front high double wishbone and rear multilink – provides optimised kinematics and is now installed on special subframes that ensure superior mechanical strength and considerable weight reduction, while metal joints guarantee top driving accuracy.
To ensure maximum grip in all road conditions and adapt to the different special stages, the Racing Team mechanics were extremely careful in defining the suspension set-up possibilities, which offer a broad adjustment of the characteristic angles, a greater bump position for difficult surfaces and, above all, hydraulic four-way shock absorbers to be able to configure compression and rebound behaviour as well as response to the high or low frequencies extremely accurately to indulge the driver’s feeling.
The first-class mechanics has called for a new generation electronic system both to ensure top performance on the road and to optimise weight and overall dimensions.
With a high level of integration, all the main controls are ergonomically grouped on the steering wheel. In this way the driver can, for example, choose the different calibrations of the engine and of the antilag system or select the traction control mode, from the one designed for fast, grippy tracks to that designed to guarantee peak performance also in low grip conditions.
Perfectly interpreting Carlo Abarth’s legacy, Racing Team mechanics also focused on servicing and containing the cost per kilometre to foster the promotion of new talents and allow gentlemen drivers to access the world of rallies. A modern rally car has to be designed not only to ensure top performance, but also to allow drivers, navigators and technicians to rely on a machine that can meet their expectations and adapt to multiple uses and situations. This is the reason why the new Abarth 124 Rally offers the possibility to choose different configurations and set-ups, spanning from the profoundly mechanical, such as ground clearance, to exterior liveries, to be reminiscent of the unforgettable triumphs of the Abarth brand in rallies the world over.
The car was designed with an eye to facilitating servicing operations on the race track and to cut running costs. For instance, the suspension subframes are arranged for fitting the ground clearance kit with a double arm fixing position. Furthermore, the kit requires specific assembly instead of calliper replacement.
Finally, the SE139 code of the project is rooted in the pulsing heart of the history of the brand, referring directly to Carlo Abarth himself. The abbreviation SE means “Sports” and “Experimental”, a direct connection with Abarth’s values of craftsmanship and technical progress. The sequential number 139, on the other hand, reminds us that in its 67-year history, Abarth has developed an average of two racing projects per year: an outstanding achievement that few other automotive manufacturers can boast.


The Abarth Trophy on the race track

For the ninth year running, Abarth organised a Trophy reserved for Abarth 695 Assetto Corse Evoluzione and Abarth 595 OT to offer many drivers the opportunity to prove their mettle on major race tracks in a car that is very spectacular and formative. There were seven race days and at the end of the season the winner was the Italian driver Cosimo Barberini, who led the ranking ahead of Juuso Pajuranta from Finland, Joakim Darbom from Sweden and young promise Kuzey Eroldu from Turkey.
Abarth 695 Assetto Corse Evoluzione is propelled by a powerful 215 HP turbo engine paired with 6-speed sequential transmission, special ride settings and aerodynamic equipment to enhance its performance.
This championship has taken on an international connotation with the presence of many drivers from across Europe, noticeably from Scandinavia and Spain, in addition to a substantial and combative squad from Turkey, which in 2016 have shown their worth. The average presence of the past editions was approximately 20 cars.
An array of services was offered to drivers and teams also in this championship: paddock setup, spare part service on the race track with presence of technicians for advice and hospitality area with catering dedicated to crews and team. Media visibility will be high, with a dedicated press and TV office in addition to activities on the most popular social media. With this initiative, Abarth confirms its philosophy of creating racing opportunities for the standard versions of the high performance cars of the brand, which are capable of firing enthusiasm of drivers, on the road and on the race track alike.


Coppa Abarth Classiche

The racing attitude of the grand project involving enthusiasts of the history of the brand is expressed by the Coppa Abarth Classiche, in its second edition this year. The novel fact is that the chosen speciality is rally racing, an area in which the brand with the Scorpion badge boasts many international successes at the highest levels both as Abarth and when the Squadra Corse Abarth managed Lancia, winning ten manufacturer’s championship titles and six driver’s championship titles over the years.
The championship consisted of six races and open to all vintage models earlier than 1981. The formula of Coppa Abarth Classiche, developed in collaboration with Michelin Italia, was packed with advantages for signing up to events and buying tyre sets for teams.


The F4 involvement

Given the outstanding success experienced in Italy and Germany over the past seasons, Abarth has decided to support the fourth edition of the Italian F4 Championship and the third edition of the F4 Championship in Germany, reconfirming its involvement in the Italian Championship as sponsor and official engine supplier.
The 1.4 Turbo t-Jet engine with 160 HP, derived from the one fitted on the street-legal 595 and used on the Abarth cars competing in the Abarth Trophies, will be equipping all the cars made by the Italian manufacturer Tatuus again this year. In 2017, forty very young drivers competed in the German Championship and thirty competed in the Italian one.
The same car is competing in the United Arab Emirates Championship, which consists of six races from December 15, 2017 to March 3, 2018, on the Yas Marina and Dubai race tracks.