20 Sep

Abarth at the 2016 Paris International Motor Show

  • Stars of the event, the new Abarth 124 spider, currently reaching dealerships, and the new Abarth 595.
  • The public can enjoy a new digital virtual experience in Abarth 124 spider and visit the Officine Abarth workshop.
  • All eyes on “The Scorpionship”, the official community of the brand.
  • The 2017 Racing Programme with the arrival of the new Abarth 124 spider Rally.
  • The stand, that expresses the brand’s performance, craftsmanship and technical upgrade values, will host an area dedicated to merchandising and to exclusive accessories created in collaboration also with Mopar.


Abarth is returning to the international stage of the Paris Motor Show with the most exciting innovations of 2016 that are sure to make the brand with the scorpion badge even more complete and thrilling. In the spotlight at the important French event, visitors will admire the sedan and convertible versions of Abarth 595 and Abarth 124 spider. The latter is a fun, unconventional car which is destined to become the icon of driving pleasure and is currently reaching European dealerships.


The Abarth stand is open to the world and to brand values focused on top performance, craftsmanship expressed in every product and constant technical upgrading. The number of enthusiasts who identify with the brand’s philosophy is on the rise worldwide: the “Abarth 124 spider Uncovered” digital project will be presented in world preview and the success of “The Scorpionship” official community and of the Abarth Classiche Project, that involves the entire universe of the brand with the scorpion badge, comes as no surprise. The Officine Abarth is the core of the activity and visitors to the motor show will be able to visit the workshop in an exciting, amazingly realistic virtual reality experience. An area of the stand will be dedicated to merchandising and exclusive accessories made in collaboration with Mopar, the reference brand for services, Customer Care, genuine spare parts and accessories for FCA brands.


Abarth 124 spider

The new Abarth 124 spider guarantees all the thrills and fun that only a real spider can offer. Developed with the Abarth Racing team, the car perfectly embodies the leading values of the brand: performance, craftsmanship and engineering excellence. It is a car designed to put the smile back on the faces of those lucky enough to drive it.
For outstanding dynamic performance, Abarth 124 spider fits a mechanical self-locking differential as standard equipment. This supercar-worthy equipment reasserts the sporty character of the new Abarth 124 spider. Weights are concentrated between the axles and the engine is installed behind the front axle to guarantee optimal agility and superior driving feel. Sophisticated mechanics and special materials have been used to contain the weight to just 1060 kilograms, which results in a weight-to-power ratio of 6.2 kg/HP, the best in its category. Furthermore, the optimal weight distribution guarantees excellent feedback and agility.


The suspension of the Abarth 124 spider features high double wishbone suspension on the front and a five-arm multi-link on the rear. The set-up is specifically calibrated to increase stability on corners and for compression braking. Steering feedback is optimised by adopting a specific sports calibration of the power steering system.


Under the bonnet is a powerful, ultra-reliable 1.4 litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine with MultiAir technology. It delivers 170 HP (that is about 124 HP per litre) and 250 Nm of torque: it has a top speed of 232 km/h and goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds paired with a six-speed manual gearbox. What is more, since the engine sound is a fundamental element of all Abarth cars, standard equipment includes Record Monza exhaust with dual mode system capable of modifying the path of the exhaust gas according to engine rpm and guaranteeing linear torque delivery and generating a satisfying, deep roar.
The spider is available with a six-speed manual or with an automatic Esseesse Sports Sequential gearbox.


The new Abarth 124 spider is decked out with a host of state-of-the-art active and passive safety devices. In addition to ABS, standard equipment includes EBD, for adjusting front and rear axle brake force distribution to optimise braking distances and guarantee control in all load conditions of the car. Of course, also standard is ESC, for optimal control in all driving conditions, particularly the most critical, in presence of snow, ice or slippery roads.
The ESC applies selective braking and acts on the accelerator to take the car back on line if a difference between the driver’s action on the steering wheel and line is detected. All these devices can be completely deactivated for driving on the race track allowing the driver to exploit the outstanding balancing and dynamic features of Abarth 124 spider to the max and enjoy an unadulterated and direct driving feeling.


The seat belts fit Constant-Force Retractors (CFR) to control the degree of force applied by the belt and then gradually release it in controlled manner. On demand, the Visibility Plus pack includes full-LED self-levelling adaptive headlights with automatic orientation to guarantee the best driving comfort also in poor visibility conditions. These are combined with rain sensor, dusk sensor and parking sensors.


Visitors to the stand will be able to admire two examples of the roadster with the scorpion badge. The first is characterised by a contrasting Turini 1975 white pastel paintwork and matte black bonnet that recalls the classic Abarth 124 Rally, on which this solution was adopted to prevent glare in the driver’s eyes. The second displays a Costa Brava 1972 red livery with matching bonnet: this is the first time that the new 124 spider appears with a one-colour paint job. The Abarth DNA is confirmed on both models also on the inside with an overall focus aimed at guaranteeing perfect ergonomics. Leather seats are supporting and very comfortable at the same time to keep the driver in the ideal position as low and retracted as possible to be able to perceive all side movements of the car. Furthermore, the controls are perfectly in keeping with the sporty set-up of the car: the position of the pedal board, the vertical steering wheel and the short gear stick make for a fully enthralling driving experience. The dashboard features a large tachometer on red background arranged in central position facing the driver and keyless start.
Comfort is guaranteed by standard heated seats and the excellent soundproofing afforded by the noise deadening windscreen, rear window and double-layer top. The latter is designed to be opened and closed with one hand from the driver’s seat in a few seconds. Once folded behind the seats it does not occupy space in the boot.


Both cars on show are equipped with the Visibility Plus pack and the Sound pack.
The first features full LED automatic self-levelling headlights, LED daytime running lights, rain sensor, dust sensor, headlight washer and rear parking sensors. The second has a 7″ touchscreen radio with Bose sound system. An integrated navigation system is also included.


Officine Abarth

The début of the new Abarth 124 spider is a comeback to the unconventional emotions which have always characterised the brand with the scorpion badge. A car which symbolises a new energy capable of attracting the many enthusiasts revolving about the brand’s universe. And today, with the arrival across Europe of the first 2500 units of Abarth 124 spider, the value of the heritage cars that are an investment for buyers is being consolidated.
Abarth has always been appreciative of its glorious history: this pride is culminating in the broad-spanning Abarth Classiche project articulated on multiple points, such as the restoration workshop opened last November in the Officine Abarth in Mirafiori, Turin. In the beating heart of the business designed to develop serial and racing models, an area spanning approximately 900 square metres has been set up as a workshop dedicated to restoring customers’ classic Abarth cars. Accurate restoration activities will be carried out also by relying on the recently catalogued and digitalised documentation and technical drawings. This information will also prove useful for the purpose of certifying the authenticity of mechanical parts (engine, gearbox, exhaust and suspension) for which Abarth has called upon on the advice and experience of ASI and FIVA to define the certification procedures. Officine Abarth is where Abarth 124 spider becomes the archetype of Italian engineering mastery. The car receives a special treatment from Abarth mechanics, who are genuine auto enthusiasts: the men and women of Abarth add value to an already exceptional product. Finally, each car is tested and certified by an Abarth technician in full keeping with the tradition that sees Abarth 124 spider as the successor of the scores of models tuned and built by Abarth. These are all models with a wide fan base in Italy and abroad, owned by an army of enthusiasts who are known to maintain them with extreme dedication.


Abarth 595

The New 595 Abarth is the development of an iconic model with the scorpion badge: more powerful engines, even richer standard equipment and plenty of product innovations, some of which commonly reserved to higher category cars.


On sale in the EMEA region since last June, the new Abarth is a compact, light, nimble car, unrivalled in its configuring and processing options. The new Abarth 595 is the natural heir of the car launched in 2008, which is now found all over the world.
Performance, technology and iconic Italian style are the key factors behind a successful strategy.


Available in two versions – sedan and convertible -, the New 595 Abarth line-up features three trim levels (595, 595 Turismo and 595 Competizione) and just as many engine power and tuning levels tp satisfy today’s increasingly demanding and competent customers. Many of the upgrades are the result of experience gained with the development of the 695 Biposto, the “smallest supercar” that offers the thrills and technology of a real racing car on a street-legal vehicle.


The distinctive yet affordable 595 version is the Abarth entry-level model and offers all the standard equipment needed to ensure the typical enjoyment and driving pleasure expected from the brand. What is more, the 595 is the ideal base for drivers who want to tune their car over time and make it unique. The 595 Competizione and 595 Turismo versions express other two distinctive souls of Abarth. The first is more “radical” and designed for fans of performance and no-compromise sportiness. The second, on the other hand, makes reference to the typical values of the Italian GTs in a compact size perfect for use in cities.


Both expressions of the model will be displayed in the stand at the Paris Motor Show: a 595 Competizione and a 595C Turismo.
The first, with a pastel Modena yellow paint job, is equipped with a powerful 1.4 T-jet 180 HP engine (132 kW) developing a torque of 250 Nm at 3000 rpm by exploiting the Garrett GT 1446 turbine. The car is ideal for adrenaline junkies looking for racing performance and technical features: 0-100 acceleration in 6.7″ and oversized Brembo braking system with four-piston aluminium fixed callipers to stop in total safety. Moreover, with the help of the high performance Record Monza exhaust with dual mode system, the engine outputs a specific power of 132 HP/litre. The exclusive feature is available, on request, on the rest of the range, together with the Record Modena exhaust that ensures the same performance but with a less aggressive looking tailpipe. As standard, all variants of the 1.4 T-jet engine are paired with a mechanical five-speed gearbox but they can be fitted with an Abarth robotised sequential gearbox with shift paddles.
Inside are Corsa by Sabelt seats, among the most supporting available on the market today. They provide extraordinary lateral support and are perfect for sporty driving due to their ability to accurately transmit every minimum load shift to the driver. The seats are available with leather and Alcantara upholstery, in the black variant, with a new carbon shell.
For more effective sporty driving, the car has a flat-bottom steering wheel with viewfinder made of technical materials, such as carbon and Alcantara. The dashboard, which has always been a key iconic element of the 595, has a tar cold grey finish.
The innovations continue on the model on display with a brand-new sports instrument panel, with new graphics that characterise the “sport” mode and improve readability. Moreover, the pressure gauge light is now white, making it easier and more immediate to read.


Next to the 595 Competizione there will be a 595C Turismo with a two-tone Scorpione Black Record Grey livery and tan leather seats. Under the bonnet it fits a 1.4 T-jet with 121 kW and 165 HP ensuring a top speed of 218 km/h. The convertible model also displays the developments and innovations created to improve performance. For example,the front end has been redesigned with an increased air intake: this improves heat management in the engine compartment and also boosts cooling capacity by 18%. So, performance and regularity of engine delivery are increased, even in the case of more extreme racing tunings.
Abarth engineers also worked on the rear bumper creating a more pronounced and effective diffuser. Specific bumper inserts have also been created for each trim level. They are matte black for the 595, in matching body colour on the 595 Turismo and with the tar cold grey finish on the 595 Competizione.
The front and rear light clusters are also new, and are equipped as standard with polyelliptical headlights and LED daytime running lights on the entire range. Xenon headlights, fitted on the model on display, are available on demand.
The new 17″ wheels fitted as standard on the 595 Turismo are 7% lighter and have over 50% more ventilating surface, guaranteeing better heat dissipation and therefore enhanced and more consistent braking system performance.


Abarth D.A.M.

The New Abarth 595 is the only car in its segment with a mechanical limited-slip differential (called Abarth D.A.M.), an exclusive performance feature derived directly from the experience gained with the 695 Biposto.
The Abarth mechanical limited-slip differential exploits the full potential of the 595 Competizione and improves grip in extreme conditions. The mechanical limited-slip differential ensures adequate torque transfer between the front wheels when either has less grip (a typical example is the different speed coming out of curves taken with high lateral load). This equipment ensures holding the line with even greater precision to the benefit of sporty driving efficiency.
The Abarth mechanical limited-slip differential is part of the new Performance Pack – available only on the New Abarth 595 Competizione with manual transmission – that includes 17″ Supersport wheels, Sabelt leather/Alcantara seats with carbon fibre shells, 595 carved aluminium badge on the roof and the glossy red, white or black customisation pack to personalise the look of the car.


Infotainment on 595

Standard equipment includes UconnectTM 5″ Radio with touchscreen and Uconnect Live services (with integrated navigator and DAB on request), and for the first time on the line-up, UconnectTM HD, a fast device with high-def screen, navigator and DAB digital radio. The Uconnect 7″ HD system is complete with a high-def screen and Abarth Telemetry, an integrated system that measures the driver’s performance on the preloaded circuits to analyse lap times, study driving techniques and improve them. It is also customisable, offering the possibility to record new tracks and store them for later retrieval to compare performance. With the preloaded points of interest (Officine Abarth and other significant places for the brand) each owner can now “collect” special badges. Results and progress can naturally be shared on the social networks. With Uconnect 7″ Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto, or the best smartphone mirroring solutions for Apple iOS and Android, will be available on request. Customers can thus quickly and easily access all the functions and contents of their smartphones using the touch screen on their New Abarth 595s.
Finally, the powerful and sophisticated BeatsAudioTM system with seven speakers is making its appearance on the new Abarth 595 and will certainly win over even the most demanding music lovers. Developed in collaboration with Beats by Dr. Dre, the BeatsAudioTM system boasts an impressive total output of 440 watts and features a digital eight-channel amplifier integrating an advanced equalisation algorithm capable of recreating the entire sound spectrum that an artist experiences during studio recording.
The Beats AudioTM sound system has two dome tweeters installed in the front pillars, two 165 mm midwoofers in the front doors, two 165 mm full-range speakers in the rear side panels and one 200 mm subwoofer in the middle of the boot in the spare wheel compartment.



The “Abarth 124 spider Uncovered” digital fascination project dedicated to the new roadster with the scorpion badge will be revealed to the public during the Paris Motor Show. The project brings together technical and emotional contents in a narrative loop created to take aboard new topics and ensure an exciting experience to users. They will be able to discover new paths choosing the contents from which to start to be inspired and get to know new details and potentials of this one-of-a-kind car. The sequence of narrative blocks creates modules which turn the project into a log book of the Abarth 124 spider. “Abarth 124 spider Uncovered” will be present on the dedicated model page on the Abarth website and will be layout-responsive, meaning that it will adapt to the user’s inputs making the experience accessible from all devices. Furthermore, the experience will be shared on the brand’s official social media channels to ensure maximum visibility and reach the most users.


In brief, 2016 is a year packed with news in terms of product, multimedia contents and social networking opportunities. Like “The Scorpionship”, the only Abarth official community dedicated to owners, collectors, Abarth club members and fans, that opened on March 1 this year. Anyone can register by filling out the form on thescorpionship.abarth.com website. The community kicked off in Italy, Germany, the UK, Switzerland and France, is now active across Europe. “The Scorpionship” members have access to plenty of exciting advantages, promotions and racing opportunities as well as exclusive invites to meetings for fans. Furthermore, “The Scorpionship” members can experience “Abarth 124 spider Uncovered” in preview.


Finally, there will be exciting news for the community. On Saturday 29 October a large get-together will involve thousands of Abarth enthusiasts Abarth on four racing tracks across Europe: Silverstone in the UK, Nürburgring in Germany, Navarra in Spain and Tazio Nuvolari in Italy, near Pavia. The formula will be that of a major international meeting and the stars will be Abarth cars, from the oldest and most valued classic models built after 1949 – when the brand was established – to the new Abarth 595 and Abarth 124 spider. The programme will be the same for all four events with some local particularities. The increasingly growing “The Scorpionship” community, with its nearly 50,000 members, will be the guest of honour. Visitors to the website can sign up and benefit from discounts of up to 50% on the price of the ticket.



The Abarth 124 Rally will be classified in the R-Gt category and can consequently compete in all international races and most national ones. Abarth is organising a promotional trophy based on participation in seven rounds of the Italian Rally Championship and an international challenge, the calendar of which will be established by picking the most significant events of the national calendars. Complete information about the trophy will be available in a few weeks’ time on racing.abarth.com.
With this car Abarth is kicking off a programme targeted to customers and is preparing an array of activities to promote the drivers and teams that will choose the 124 Rally for racing. In particular, in addition to a race and final jackpot for drivers and teams, activities will include a hospitality area and technical support provided by Abarth during the race with direct sales of spare parts. In the best Abarth tradition, particular attention will be devoted to young drivers and a special ranking will be dedicated only to them. The best under-23 driver will attend an ACI Sport Federal Super Driving Course and compete in the Montecarlo Rally the following year with an official 124 Rally. The prize is invaluable in terms of experience and prestige considering the level of the drivers competing in the opening event of the Rally World Championship. Abarth racing activities will continue with the Selenia Trophy dedicated to Abarth 595 OT and 695 Assetto Corse.


The stand

The details of the Abarth stand in Paris are reminiscent of the feeling of Officine Abarth workshop made of iron girders, rough concrete and metal floor plates polished by car tyres. For the public, it will be like visiting the real workshop of a car mechanic toiling with skilful dedication on an engine. It is Carlo Abarth’s heritage, one made of craftsmanship applied to constant technical progress and performance.
Today, Officine Abarth is a place rich in history and is projected far, far into the future: it is the ideal setting for the launch of the new Abarth 124 Spider. By exploiting virtual reality, visitors can enjoy an immersive experience on the spider and in the Officine Abarth workshop.


The Paris Motor Show will be the opportunity for Abarth to introduce the new “Technical Parts” merchandising range inspired by the main car components and attractive graphics. This collection expresses the details which have always symbolised performance and a range of innovative, one-of-a-kind apparel all in perfect Abarth style. The materials are also high quality, like leather and neoprene representing the strong sporty spirit of the models with the scorpion badge. Additionally, the Store in the Abarth stand will also host various collections created in collaboration with prestigious brands, such as Breil and Kappa, and the collection dedicated to 124 spider, the latest addition to the Abarth line-up. The collections are distributed by Mopar, the reference brand for the services, Customer Care, original parts and accessories of the FCA brands.
Finally, by distributing informative leaflets and special elements placed around the stand, the public can become acquainted with the products of FCA Bank, the financial company specialising in the automotive sector. The company operates on the main European markets – in France through FCA Capital France SA – with a sole mission: supporting the sales of all FCA brand vehicles through innovative financial products and high added value services created for dealer networks, private clients and companies.