14 Jun

Fiat 500 Forever Young: Iconic model time travels to 80s Madrid

  • Fourth instalment of Fiat 500 Forever Young multimedia tour visits 80s Madrid
  • Tour celebrates the legendary Fiat 500’s 60th birthday and record-breaking success
  • Join the virtual tour at www.500foreveryoung.fiatpress.com
  • One more destination to visit before global birthday celebrations on July 4th

The iconic Fiat 500 will time travel to 80s Madrid in the latest leg of an exciting multimedia journey to celebrate its 60th birthday.

The 500 Forever Young web tour set off from the home of Fiat in Turin, before taking in the sights and sounds of 20th century London and Paris.

Now, ahead of global celebrations to mark the car’s official birthday on July 4th, the latest instalment of the tour will stop in the vibrant and buzzing Spanish capital at a time of great cultural change.

On each leg of the journey, visitors will find a treasure trove of photography, video and music telling the story of how the Fiat 500 became intrinsically linked to the location on its way to more than six million global sales.

Every destination on the tour can be visited here www.500foreveryoung.fiatpress.com

In the Madrid instalment visitors will experience the euphoria and dynamism of a period sometimes known as the “Movida Madrileña” (or the Madrilenian Scene) when an ebullient cultural and artistic wave spread through fashion and design.

This takes the form of the inside of a Fiat 500 fan club, decorated with furniture, artwork, magazines and memorabilia from back in the day. By clicking on these, visitors will find further information and entertaining snippets. It all revolves around the iconic Fiat, a genuine work of art capable of enriching the world around it.

Madrid in the 80s was a deeply changed city, with mayor Enrique Tierno Galvan helping transform it into a symbol of modernity and national identity. Music filled the streets and movies like Pedro Almodóvar’s “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” broke new ground. At the same time, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada’s shimmering dresses injected a pop-art element into fashion. Just like Fiat 500, a “Pop” car that never goes out of fashion.

Although the Fiat 500 not is production at this time, its legendary status continued to grow in Spain, where official fan clubs like the “fiat500catalonia” opened, bringing together Fiat 500 owners and Italian art and culture enthusiasts.

Not by chance, today the legendary 500 is the most collected Italian car in the world and according to the online trading site Autoscout24 with models more than thirty years old being the most popular. Its genuine cult status was celebrated in 2007 by a special stamp: it was the homage of Poste Italiane for the 50th anniversary of the great small Italian car.

In addition to being a rarity worth collecting, the Fiat 500 is today a source of inspiration for designers: unsurprisingly, the new 500 launched in 2007 completely revolutionised the international city-car scene. And today, it is the turn of the new special series dedicated to the 60th anniversary to write a new page of the extraordinary history that started on 4 July 1957 and still today excites the fans of beauty and originality.

Turin, 8 June 2017