14 Mar

Fiat Professional to be the star of “Transpotec Logitec 2017”

  • The new Fullback and Talento models will be the stars of one of the most important Italian events dedicated to transport and logistics.
  • Spotlights will be trained on the “Pick-up of the year 2017”, which, with its all-wheel drive and 4WD electronic selector, can easily tackle even the toughest terrain.
  • Next to the unstoppable Fullback, a Talento converted by an outfitter specialised in specific earth-moving equipment and material transport systems.
  • A “quarry and construction site” setting was chosen for the display area, where visitors can enjoy an immersive experience aboard the Fiat Professional pick-up wearing virtual reality visors.


“Transpotec Logitec”, the most important Italian event dedicated entirely to transport and logistics, will be taking place from February 22 to 25. Staged in the Veronafiere exhibition centre in Verona, Italy, the 2017 edition will be more interesting than ever because this year it is organised at the same time as the international earth moving and building machinery exhibition “SaMoTer”.


Leading name at the event, Fiat Professional will be reasserting its position at the first brand “born to be professional” with a line-up entirely dedicated to light transport, one hundred years of history and a one-of-a-kind baggage of experience in the world of commercial vehicles. The exhibition area will recreate a “quarry and construction site” setting where the new Fullback and Talento models will be introduced to visitors. By donning virtual reality visors, guests can enjoy an immersive experience aboard the Fiat Professional pick-up.


Completely refreshed in just two years, the Fiat Professional line-up today has the right answer for all transport mission needs because all segments are covered. All body types, load capacities and volumes, a complete choice of wheelbases, widths and height variants, in addition to high-efficiency engines and various fuels options (petrol, diesel, LPG and methane) are provided. What is more, the brand places assertive focus on specialities, such as passenger transport and the world of converted vehicles.


Fullback: built for your work and for your life

Named “Pick-up of the year 2017” by the readers of French “4×4 Magazine”, the Fiat Professional vehicle on show in Verona will feature a double cab version with LX trim level. Fullback is being showcased in another context to demonstrate that it is always at ease for all missions on any terrain: from the winding trails of quarries reproduced here in Veronafiere to the snow-covered ski slopes of the “Open for Holidays 2017” winter tour and the fields of EIMA International 2016.


Perfectly in tune with the best competition in terms of configurations, dimensions and engines, Fullback is perfect for work and for leisure because it is robust, reliable and has a considerable load capacity: over one tonne of payload and over three tonnes of towable weight. Furthermore, by implementing all-wheel drive and a 4WD electronic selector, it can easily tackle the roughest terrain in the toughest conditions, like when travelling off-road carrying a heavy load.


In particular, by using the one-of-a-kind 4WD electronic selector, the driver can easily control the engagement of the Torsen central differential, which, by using three electronically-controlled clutches, ensures always optimal torque transfer to the front and rear wheels and improves traction on mud and snow. The low gear range makes it easy to tackle the toughest conditions with the vehicle at full load.


Finally, visitors to the Fiat Professional stand at “Transpotec Logitec 2017” will be invited to enjoy an exciting travel experience simulated using a virtual reality visor. With 360° video viewing capabilities, the device guarantees an immersive adventure on the unstoppable Fullback put to the test on tough terrain, which is ideal to appreciate the all-wheel drive capabilities of the Fiat Professional pick-up. Worth mentioning is the high quality video and the user-friendly use dynamics, that contribute to making the activity highly realistic.


Talento: the right combination of agility and loading capacity

An example of the new Talento set up for transporting specific earth-moving equipment and materials will be on show by the side of the Fullback at “Transpotec Logitec 2017”. The van – a version with short wheelbase and low roof – was converted by outfitters Storevan with an array of special features, such as drawers of various sizes and capacities, each with aluminium separators and small item organisers, modules fixed using the new quick coupling system called Storeflex, aluminium cargo retaining doors, grey floor with new attachments and specific design for fixing the load, tanks with adjustable aluminium partitions and polypropylene boxes of various sizes sliding on clever guides. Special equipment also includes bars on the back of the cab for fixing materials, a parcel trolley, a sliding vice bench and a wire holder.


The Talento on show in Veronafiere is a practical example of the remarkable flexibility of all Fiat Professional models: from shuttles, assisted mobility solutions and mobile workshops to flatbed trucks, insulated and refrigerated vans, recreational vehicles and vehicles for Public Authorities. In brief, there is no job or mobility need that cannot be satisfied by a converted Fiat Professional vehicle, as demonstrated by the collaboration with the major European outfitters.


With its generous load capacities, Talento is the ideal work mate for professionals in city streets and on major roads alike. Its features include outstanding versatility and the ability to adapt to the most diverse needs of customers. Its highly symbolic name evokes the innate qualities of the vehicle and the concept of value by making reference to the name of an ancient coin as in the best Fiat Professional tradition. The result is a functional vehicle that enhances the value of work, time and money of professionals by focusing on their real needs. Talento is the link between Doblò Cargo and Ducato and is allowing Fiat Professional to cover new load volumes and lengths and compete in the 2P segment with an ideal-sized wheelbase.


The new Talento line-up covers new volumes and loading lengths and provides comprehensive, satisfactory answers to all professional transportation needs. The opening of the “CargoPlus” partition situated under the passenger seats allows professionals to carry objects measuring up to 3.75 metres in length (4.15 metres for the long wheelbase trim level). Furthermore, the extraordinary flexibility is guaranteed also by the threshold height of just 552 millimetres and the width of the 1030 millimetres sliding door (placed at 100 millimetres from the floor). The load volume spans from 5.2 cubic metres (for the short wheelbase version) to 6 cubic metres (for the long wheelbase version). The long wheelbase and raised roof configuration offers a remarkable volume of 8.6 cubic metres. This means that even the short wheelbase version of the new Talento can carry up to three Euro pallets.


Turin, 10 February 2017